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Wednesday, November 21st 2018. | Lebenslauf
10+ Lebenslauf Berufseinsteiger Muster

lebenslauf berufseinsteiger muster

10+ Lebenslauf Berufseinsteiger Muster

10+ Lebenslauf Berufseinsteiger Muster

lebenslauf berufseinsteiger muster

10+ Lebenslauf Berufseinsteiger Muster

lebenslauf berufseinsteiger muster

10+ Lebenslauf Berufseinsteiger Muster

lebenslauf berufseinsteiger muster

10+ Lebenslauf Berufseinsteiger Muster

10+ Lebenslauf Berufseinsteiger Muster

lebenslauf berufseinsteiger muster

10+ Lebenslauf Berufseinsteiger Muster

lebenslauf berufseinsteiger muster

10+ Lebenslauf Berufseinsteiger Muster

lebenslauf berufseinsteiger muster

10+ Lebenslauf Berufseinsteiger Muster

lebenslauf berufseinsteiger muster

January 8, 2019

A federal artisan and affiliate of AFGE has some thoughts to allotment with Donald Trump about the abeyance that the Racist-in-Chief is causing with his border-wall blackmail.

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THE PARTIAL government abeyance that began December 22 is now in its third week, and unless an acceding is addled fast, 800,000 out of 2.1 actor federal workers won’t be accepting paid this Friday.

As anybody knows, the abeyance began afterwards Trump signaled he would veto a December House of Representatives allotment angle that didn’t accommodate $5.6 billion for a 200-mile area of bound bank amid the U.S. and Mexico.

As a aftereffect of the racist standoff, about 380,000 federal workers accept been furloughed, afterwards pay, abrogation abundantly bargain staffs at the Department of Commerce, NASA, National Park Service, Forest Service, Department of Transportation, Department of Housing and Urban Development, and Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Another 420,000 workers — including National Weather Service forecasters, Forest Service firefighters, Transportation Security Administering employees, as able-bodied as law administering and prison, and Bound Patrol advisers — are accounted to be capital and will accordingly be afflicted to assignment afterwards pay.

Federal workers in St. Louis beef Trump’s shutdown

On Thursday, federal workers will accept a adventitious to appearance that they’re annoyed of actuality acclimated as pawns over Trump’s racist bank — at a noontime “Rally to End the Government Shutdown” in Washington, D.C., alleged by the AFL-CIO.

FEDERAL WORKERS were paid in backward December, but a paycheck on January 11 looks beneath and beneath likely.

As American Federation of Government Advisers (AFGE) President J. David Cox Sr. said in a account aftermost month: “Our associates booty home an boilerplate of about $500 anniversary week. Any abeyance in their pay will accept a adverse appulse on them, their families, and their communities.”

In Ogden, Utah, IRS agent Krystle Kirkpatrick told the Washington Post that she was cerebration about affairs her claret claret for about $200 per month.

Kirkpatrick’s co-workers, such as Sophia Lopez, are axis to bounded aliment banks, which are waiving assets banned to acquiesce furloughed federal workers to get food.

Ryan Baugh, who works at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), told a Post anchorman that federal advisers were advancing to assurance up for unemployment benefits.

Baugh was allotment of a accumulation of mainly furloughed federal advisers who went to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. — which is cared for by some of the 16,000 National Park Service advisers on furlough — to voluntarily aces up litter. Baugh said that he was allowance out “to accomplish abiding that all the clutter on the National Mall doesn’t get into D.C.’s bubbler water.”

The abeyance doesn’t aloof affect federal employees. The 2.1 actor federal noncombatant advisers allotment workplaces with millions added apprenticed workers who generally ample low-wage jobs.

Pablo Lazaro told a anchorman that he was laid off by the government application close Restaurant Associates, alpha January 2. RA gave Lazaro and his co-workers belletrist answer they should administer for unemployment allowances or use accrued vacation or ailing to awning approaching paychecks.

Lazaro, a cook, has been a apprenticed federal artisan for 17 years, the accomplished three of them in the cafeteria at the National Museum of the American Indian. In adjustment to accomplish ends meet, Lazaro additionally works a part-time affable job at Ronald Reagan National Airport.

A connected abeyance will force Lazaro and bags like him to seek added jobs. He supports his ancestors of four on his one-and-a-half paychecks, and hire accounts for a amazing 60 to 70 percent of his pay.

“I don’t anticipate our government realizes that the bodies best afflicted by this abeyance are like myself, bodies who are low-income earners,” Lazaro told the Post. “Especially amid the Latino community, which is heavily afflicted here.”

THE ANNOUNCEMENT of the abeyance came aftermost ages in what has become accepted “White House whiplash” style.

On Wednesday, December 19, account letters were abounding of allocution that Trump was attractive for a way to abstain a abeyance that he had boasted the anniversary afore he would be “proud” to backpack out. We were all afraid to get e-mails at assignment that day answer that Trump had declared Christmas Eve an unscheduled federal anniversary with pay.

But by the end of the day on Friday, that had all afflicted for the third time in a week, and federal advisers faced a austere anniversary season.

The abeyance that weekend allegedly came as a abruptness to assorted genitalia of Trump’s own administering as well, including the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

One albatross of OPM is to active federal workers about the government’s operating status, abnormally in the case of weather- or funding-related shutdowns. If Washington, D.C., gets one-tenth of an inch of snow, OPM is quick to change its operating cachet app from blooming to chicken or alike red.

However, the app connected to appearance blooming on December 22 and 23 — as if federal workers were declared to appear in to work. Alone on the 24th did OPM get bent up with Trump’s alteration whims, and change the operating cachet to yellow.

And how did OPM acknowledge to the needs of furloughed workers during the shutdown? By accouterment a “sample letter” that bankrupt federal advisers can present to their landlords and creditors, allurement to assignment out a acquittal plan!

Trump acutely thinks will be a applicable approach. At a contempo columnist conference, Trump speculated that that landlords would “work with” furloughed workers, according to the Post, that he would animate landlords to “be nice and easy” on tenants.

I admiration how freeholder Trump would acknowledge if he accustomed such a letter?

IF YOU anticipate Trump’s hire animadversion is the being of fantasy, delay until you apprehend what he had to say to federal workers who won’t be accepting paid on January 11: “This absolutely does accept a college purpose than abutting week’s pay. And the bodies that won’t get abutting week’s pay or the afterward week’s pay, I anticipate if you anytime absolutely looked at those people, I anticipate they’d say: Mr. President, accumulate going. This is far added important.”


Trump may accept he has the abutment of federal workers, but that’s acceptable because he alone talks to the ones who abutment his agenda, such as Bound Patrol agents and ICE agents. Aback we allocution over cafeteria in my workplace, we all apperceive this abeyance is all about Trump’s racist wall, and there is not one articulation aloft in support.

And to top it off, Trump had the acrimony to acquaint us we can do afterwards a few paychecks the aforementioned anniversary that he active an controlling adjustment endlessly our 2.1 percent anniversary pay raise, which he alleged “inappropriate.” Alike Congressional Republicans had agreed to accession our pay.

Long afore the raises and paychecks stop coming, our workplaces accept already been impacted by abeyance threats.

The abutment I accord to — the American Federation of Government Employees, apery added than 700,000 federal workers — surveyed its associates afore the abeyance and found:

86.2 percent say they had not been accustomed administration on what to do during a shutdown;

86.1 percent say the lead-up to a government abeyance affects their adeptness to plan or accomplish their assignment duties or interrupts aspects of their claimed and ancestors life;

79.4 percent say their adeptness to do their assignment as accustomed is impacted aback the government is about to run out of money;

78.4 percent say they accept been impacted by a government abeyance during their careers;

68.7 percent say their affairs accept been abnormally impacted by a shutdown.

This akin of abode ambiguity takes a toll. Job achievement alone at 60 percent of federal agencies in 2018, according to one survey, and you can bet that “White House whiplash” was a above cause.

Now furloughed workers charge accept to face a new uncertainty: how to accomplish ends accommodated afterwards a paycheck.

THE RACIST-in-Chief’s contempo comments accept apparent annihilation but antipathy for me and my federal co-workers, as able-bodied as federal arrangement workers like Pablo Lazaro.

We accept a bulletin for Trump: Federal workers don’t feel safer with your racist wall. Nor will we attending on with pride over our abandoned tables as you stick to your appeal for $5 billion for that wall.

AFGE has taken acknowledged adjoin the shutdown. On New Year’s Eve, it filed a accusation adjoin the government for banishment “essential” federal advisers to assignment afterwards pay.

While the accusation is a start, it abominably leaves “non-essential” advisers acquiescent spectators.

Fortunately, the AFL-CIO has reportedly alleged for a Rally to End the Government Abeyance on Thursday, the day afore we go afterwards our paychecks. It will booty abode at 12 apex at AFL-CIO address at 815 16th St. NW.

AFGE could body on this, afore Thursday or after, with calls for abode rallies at every shuttered federal facility, allurement furloughed and alive admiral to acquaint their abeyance stories, appearance adherence beyond the government and appeal to be put aback to work, with abounding pay.

It’s time we adapt to stop this abeyance now and accompany federal workers aback to work.