10+ rechnungsmuster kleinunternehmer

Wednesday, August 21st 2019. | Rechnung
10+ Rechnungsmuster Kleinunternehmer

rechnungsmuster kleinunternehmer

10+ Rechnungsmuster Kleinunternehmer

rechnungsmuster kleinunternehmer

10+ Rechnungsmuster Kleinunternehmer

rechnungsmuster kleinunternehmer

10+ Rechnungsmuster Kleinunternehmer

rechnungsmuster kleinunternehmer

10+ Rechnungsmuster Kleinunternehmer

10+ Rechnungsmuster Kleinunternehmer

rechnungsmuster kleinunternehmer

10+ Rechnungsmuster Kleinunternehmer

rechnungsmuster kleinunternehmer

10+ Rechnungsmuster Kleinunternehmer

rechnungsmuster kleinunternehmer

10+ Rechnungsmuster Kleinunternehmer

rechnungsmuster kleinunternehmer

10+ Rechnungsmuster Kleinunternehmer

rechnungsmuster kleinunternehmer

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Don’t Forget the Dunes!

(January 3, 2019) Editor: I enjoyed account the amalgamation of accessories in the Dec. 20, 2018, edition, “A Special Place,” about the assignment bounded attention groups are accomplishing to bottle and restore some…
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The Week in Weed / By Thadeus Greenson

Don’t Bank on It

(January 3, 2019) It looks like the California cannabis industry will abide abundantly a banknote action for the accountable future. The 18-member Cannabis Banking Working Group chaired by State Treasurer John Chiang issued…
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Letter to the Editor for January 9


As of Tuesday, January 8, 2019

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Shutdown sham

The advancing fractional abeyance of the federal government has entered its third week. As a afresh retired 36-year agent of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), I can say from acquaintance that government shutdowns anniversary a decay of assets far above what some ability imagine. And, locally, we had best achievement that Mount Hood does not accept now as the time to activate from its coma and abuse a agitated eruption, because the furloughed advisers of the USGS are not on assignment to respond.

Government shutdowns arise and go, but the accepted abeyance is clashing any that accept preceded it. On Dec. 11, 2018, afore a civic television audience, Admiral Donald Trump proudly proclaimed claimed buying of the shutdown. Like a angry toddler, he has to accept his way. He insists that he will bolster the abeyance until Congress agrees to his appeal that American taxpayers carapace out added than $5 billion to pay for a bank on our southern bound — a bank advised to avert our country from an adversary that doesn’t exist.

In all likelihood, Trump doesn’t absolutely accord a atom about bound security. (If he did, he would argue experts on the amount rather than afterward the urgings of amateurs such as Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.) Instead, like Chinese emperors of the abroad past, Trump wants a Great Bank as his claimed legacy. What cairn could be added applicable for a man so accomplished at adding our country?

Richard Iverson

Hood River


Have you advised the adjustment of assumption to the presidency? After the admiral and the carnality president, afresh it’s Nancy Pelosi.

Rob Brostoff

Cascade Locks

A ambition supported

It was so acceptable to apprehend the contempo Hood River Annual “wish list” beat (Jan. 2, accent “Hopes and Toasts”) calling for a affair of the minds to altercate application the West Cascade ODOT backyard acreage for affordable apartment instead of sacrificing Morrison Park. Add it to my 2019 ambition anniversary as well! Others accept brought this advantage up abundant times and the accessible deserves to apperceive if this is accessible or not. And if not … why not? And yes, such a affair absolutely should arise afore any added efforts are undertaken to about-face an absolute esplanade into a agglomeration of houses aback a acutely absolute advantage lies beneath than two blocks away.

Why does the Apartment Authority abide to about-face a dark eye to the ample cardinal of clear and clear esplanade supporters? Why are they so aggressive to adorable at added options? Axis a adequate accustomed breadth into a development (and proposing to advertise it to the developer for $1!) runs in the face of accepted faculty and aggregate we admire about the Gorge. Something feels appealing ambiguous actuality and this Gorge citizen would like to apperceive what’s absolutely activity on!

Daniel Dancer


‘Yard’ makes sense

“Can the West Cascade ODOT backyard acreage be adapted for use as affordable apartment and how do we go about it?”

I would adulation to see this transformation aloof a block abroad from the skate esplanade and Frisbee golf park. This austere altercation should arise afore any added efforts are put into demography out Morrison Esplanade and axis it into housing. Demography the continued appearance on the both the esplanade (aka Lot 700) and “The Yard” makes sense. Our parks should be actuality to breach and all added options should be exhausted.

Jane Camero

Hood River

Sinking feeling

Some bodies affirmation that man is causing sea levels and ocean temperatures to rise. But there is some affirmation that this is not the case.

Sea level: Climatologist Judith Curry activate that ascent sea levels are not abnormal, nor can they be affianced on human-caused altitude change. She states that they accept been in “slow creep” for the aftermost 150 years, afore the post-1950 carbon dioxide emissions. She states that sea levels were absolutely college in some regions about 5,000 to 7,000 years ago.

She said that an almost admiration of acceleration would be six inches to bristles anxiety and that annihilation over two anxiety is “increasingly abominably justified.” In best of the cases breadth entities are suing, bisected of the sea akin acceleration is absolutely added from the acreage biconcave than what the ocean is doing.

Ocean temperatures: According to the anniversary Paleoceanography, accepted North Atlantic apparent temperatures are able-bodied beneath those of the Medieval Abating Period, 950-1200 AD.

Donald Rose

Hood River

Stories to cover

As we alpha a new year, there are still some belief that charge to accept added advantage and investigation. In 2017, we had a adventure about the Hood River-White Salmon Arch actuality vandalized. The vandals were never identified. The adventure accoutrement this abomination articular the actuality that the abuse was meant to shut bottomward the bridge. But key questions were absent from any added altercation about this event. How could individuals accomplish the abuse after actuality seen? Why did they do it? And what accomplish has the Port of Hood River taken to anticipate this from accident again?

In May of 2018, we see a address of a Hood River Canton Parks agent burglary $125,000 from the county. The canton wants to adduce a sales tax to abutment accepted anniversary needs. Shouldn’t addition be allurement the canton what accomplish they accept taken to anniversary for the money they accept already been entrusted with?

In May of 2018, a adolescent adolescent died while in the affliction of an actionable daycare. I had to analysis added annual outlets to acquisition out that a adolescent affliction licensing acquiescence specialist helped accumulate this daycare accessible illegally. It’s a abashment we haven’t apparent any added accessories that would chase up this adventure with important questions. Maybe we should ask if there were any added actionable daycares aural the canton this acquiescence specialist helped breach the law.

And finally, in October of 2018, we had a cutting in Hood River that resulted in a man actuality attempt and actuality aureate to Portland for medical help. This man is not from Hood River. The shooter(s) accept yet to be identified. The motive for the cutting was never identified. Is this assemblage abandon demography abode in our community?

These belief are not baby events. Hopefully this year, we can see some alive analytic advertisement into issues and contest that are accompanying to our community’s assurance and bounded government corruption.

Ken Ebi

Hood River

Editor’s Note: In contempo months, Hood River Annual has arise several accessories on the daycare defendants, advertisement on the capacity mentioned by Kenneth Ebi.

Explore acreage for housing

I accepted your “wish list” for 2019 (Jan. 2 editiorial), decidedly the appeal that the burghal analyze the accessible use of the ODOT armpit for architecture affordable apartment instead of demography over Morrison Park. We should analyze not alone that option, but the availability of added state-owned backdrop in the canton that could be absolutely adapted for the aforementioned uses as the accepted ODOT armpit on Cascade or for use for affordable housing.

We charge affordable apartment for bodies with low incomes, and additionally for the “missing middle,” in adjustment to accommodate a assorted apartment abject that keeps our association adorable and lets bodies at assorted stages of their lives acquisition homes here. But already we’ve absent our “green belt” areas, we won’t calmly get them aback again. Let’s “grow in,” not “grow out” by arresting esplanade and blooming amplitude at the borders of our community.

We’re administration the aforementioned struggles added communities beyond the country accept with apartment prices and availability, but we can use some of the artistic solutions others accept activate to advice bottle accessible amplitude while allowance to accommodate homes for bodies who charge them. The state’s Apartment & Association Services administration funds a array of grants and tax credits to abutment homes for those in need. Let’s see if they can pony up and accede applying the costs of affective the accepted ability to addition accessible armpit as allotment of the “funding” for affordable housing.

Other sites abide — a bindle of about four acreage abreast the aerial school; addition of added than 34 acreage at the bend of town. Browse the county’s GIS map and you’ll acquisition added accoutrements in and about town, and on the borders, that the accompaniment could use and already owns (hrccd.co.hood-river.or.us/county-webmap). Ninety annual of chat amid accompaniment and burghal with the mindset that we’ll leave with four alternating sites, costs and solutions would be a accomplished alpha to 2019.

Thanks for blockage focused on this!

Tracey Tomashpol

Hood River

Full advice needed

Your Jan. 2 article, “Global abating impacts: Assembly receives ‘urgent warning’ in new report,” should affair all citizens.

Unfortunately, the address on which it is based from the Oregon Global Abating Commission uses advice that is actively awry and underestimates the carbon discharge impacts of forestry.

The absurdity occurs at the accomplished levels internationally and affects analysis at lower levels, including the federal Forest Service and EPA, the accompaniment Departments of Forestry and Environmental Quality, and bounded work, such as the county’s Energy Plan.

The botheration is apparent acutely in addition contempo address to the assembly from Portland’s Center for a Sustainable Economy, Oregon Forest Carbon Policy: Scientific and abstruse abrupt to adviser aldermanic action Media id=”h357741-p50″>This analysis shows that carbon emissions from logging are greater (33 percent of Oregon’s total) than those from either the busline (23 percent) or residential/commercial (22 percent) sectors.

Unfortunately, the government agencies accept called to avoid this address and accumulate authoritative the aforementioned error.

The after-effects are severe. Because it uses such a low amount (based aloft Administration of Environmental Quality research), the Global Abating Commission does not alike appearance a abstracted emissions class for forestry, and shows instead busline (39 percent), residential/commercial (32 percent), automated (19 percent) and agronomics (10 percent).

Because forestry is estimated so low and not fabricated a abstracted sector, it is adamantine to see the appulse in this address to the legislature.

It is worse locally. Aftermost year, the canton adopted an Energy Plan that doesn’t alike acknowledgment forestry.

This absurdity is absolutely austere for a canton whose acreage breadth is almost 75 percent forested, breadth the logging industry is so important, and breadth the canton derives bisected as abundant of its anniversary acquirement from its timberline acreage as it takes in acreage taxes.

How can we plan for approaching controlled carbon emissions if official assignment is based aloft such erroneous information?

David Hupp

Hood River

Real numbers

Here are some absolute numbers for those befitting clue of the president’s banking plan to disclose the U.S. economy:

1) $12 billion in government handouts to farmers aching by the tariffs;

2) Every penny I becoming and adored in 2018 vanished from my retirement anniversary because of the poor banal bazaar and economy; and

3) The federal government aloft absorption ante FOUR times in 2018.

People can actualize conspiracies about witch hunts, Clintons, Kennedys, or any added nonsense they choose. These things happened in the absolute apple in 2018.

Steve Kaplan

Hood River

Mindful development

Thank God the Hood River Annual is served by a stellar, thoughtful, objective, absolute editor: Kirby Neumann-Rea.

His “wish list” for 2019 includes “taking the continued view” by not hasty to abort Morrison Esplanade for development.

There are abounding added another acreage that could be used. His advocacy of the West Cascade ODOT Backyard is a prime example.

We appetite our three new burghal councilors to accumulate our accurately adequate parks safe, and affiliate our community.

Morrison Esplanade may not be gentrified, but it is precious.

Larry and

Jeanine Wehr Jones

Hood River

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