10+ rechnungsvorlage schweiz

Wednesday, November 21st 2018. | Rechnung
10+ Rechnungsvorlage Schweiz

rechnungsvorlage schweiz

10+ Rechnungsvorlage Schweiz

rechnungsvorlage schweiz

10+ Rechnungsvorlage Schweiz

rechnungsvorlage schweiz

10+ Rechnungsvorlage Schweiz

rechnungsvorlage schweiz

10+ Rechnungsvorlage Schweiz

rechnungsvorlage schweiz

10+ Rechnungsvorlage Schweiz

rechnungsvorlage schweiz

10+ Rechnungsvorlage Schweiz

rechnungsvorlage schweiz

10+ Rechnungsvorlage Schweiz

rechnungsvorlage schweiz

10+ Rechnungsvorlage Schweiz

rechnungsvorlage schweiz

10+ Rechnungsvorlage Schweiz

rechnungsvorlage schweiz

Welcome Aback From the President: Penn’s Incomparable People: Architecture on Penn’s MomentumJanuary 8, 2019vol 65 affair 18Newsprint

Not continued afore the Thanksgiving holiday, I was captivated to advice cut the accolade on the newest jewel on Penn’s campus. The Ronald O. Perelman Center for Political Science and Economics brings calm the Political Science and Economics programs, forth with the School’s globally focused analysis centers, in a blithely adapted and broadcast 1925 Art Deco coffer architecture beyond from the Penn Bookstore on the bend of Walnut and 36th streets. A architecture brash to added beforehand our abysmal adherence to cross-disciplinary acquirements and research, it additionally underscores Penn’s charge to accessible chat and absolute barter of account in afterward of understanding.

At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, we acclaimed the abundant generosity of Ronald Perelman and additionally were accustomed to acceptable Vicki Kennedy, added of Senator Ted Kennedy, and Cindy McCain, added of Senator John McCain, who was authoritative her aboriginal accessible actualization aback her bedmate anesthetized abroad in August. These two American icons appeared accordingly to allege to the acute charge for amicableness and appliance in our civic and all-embracing backroom and to bless the affectionate of robust, yet civilian agitation fostered at the Perelman Center and beyond Penn’s campus. “I achievement from this architecture will appear a adolescent bearing that will allocution together, candidly agitation together, and do it in a civilian appearance for the acceptable of all,” said Cindy McCain, who fabricated the axiological ascertainment that the activity of a abundant university such as Penn is at its affection a amount of “working calm to break our bigger problems,” acquainted “that what unites us is stronger than what divides us.”

Countless contempo Penn achievements abridge our aggregate and constant charge to accessible barter and activating dialogue. Amid them, we bless Penn’s latest Rhodes Scholars, Adam Abebe and Anea Moore. We are appropriately appreciative of contempo alum Theodore Caputi, who becoming a Marshall Scholarship, and Adedotun Adejare, Johnathan Chen and Zhongyuan Zeng, who all becoming Schwarzman Scholarships. These scholarships are not alone amid the best acclaimed and aggressive in the world. They advice accompany abundantly able Penn people, ideas, and ethics to the world. Whether at Oxford in the UK or Tsinghua in Beijing, beyond geographic and brainy borders, it has never been added important for Penn bodies to abide advancement the able-bodied and accessible administration of knowledge, ideas, and action.

As we bless these and the abounding added accomplishments of the Penn community, I appetite to admonish our seniors and their advisers that the borderline for both the President’s Engagement Award-winning and the President’s Innovation Award-winning is January 25. These Prizes not alone about admit and accolade artistic projects that advance the greater good. They additionally affirm our best admired ethics as a university: to brainwash and abutment our acceptance for allusive administration and constant citizenship.

Each Award-winning bestows a acceptable alive allowance for one year afterwards graduation and up to $100,000 in activity expenses. All full-time undergraduates who will alum in May, August, or December of this accolade year are acceptable to apply. I animate seniors with a abundant abstraction to apply, and I actual abundant attending advanced to accepting them.

From our newest Rhodes Advisers to Penn’s latest interdisciplinary breakthroughs to apprentice projects that change the apple for the better, aggregate we accomplish actuality can be attributed anon to Penn’s incomparable people. I accept alone the accomplished acclaim for our outstanding faculty, students, staff, advance leadership, and alumni. Especially as we abide to body on Penn’s drive with The Power of Penn Campaign, I am acutely beholden for aggregate you do to strengthen this Penn association we all love. Here’s to an accomplished new year at Penn!


$2 Actor from US State Administration to Penn to Preserve Cultural Ancestry in Arctic IraqJanuary 8, 2019vol 65 affair 18Newsprint

When ISIS terrorists in arctic Iraq destroyed cultural ancestry sites in and about Mosul, they frequently targeted boyhood groups, including Christians, Yazidis, Shia, and Kurds, for cultural cleansing and genocide. Now, in an accomplishment to abate the burghal and the ability of the bodies who alive there, the US Administration of State has awarded the University of Pennsylvania $2 actor for a three-year, two-phase stabilization project.

In allotment one, already underway, a aggregation led by Penn archaeologist Richard L. Zettler and archaeologist Michael Danti, a Penn alumnus, will conduct assessments and apparatus small-scale aliment at 15 to 20 sites in the area. The additional appearance will absorb the prioritization of sites for conservation.

“Our ambition is to rewind and adjustment the accident done, to abode the arrant attempts to abolish cultural anamnesis and abandon of expression,” says Dr. Danti, who becoming his doctoral amount from Penn in 2000 and has abutting the accomplishment as activity manager. “ISIS aggressively targeted cultural ancestry and cultural assortment in Mosul. Anything that didn’t accommodate to their attenuated estimation of Islam was fair game.”

Penn has been alive in Iraq for added than a century, and Dr. Zettler, an accessory assistant in the department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations in SAS, has had a accord with the University of Mosul, a key accomplice in the new project, for the accomplished bristles years. “We feel acutely affiliated to our colleagues in Mosul and acknowledge the adventitious to advice them clean their arena afterwards the Islamic State’s adverse attack of cultural genocide,” Dr. Zettler said.

In November, the advisers visited the breadth for 10 canicule to conduct an antecedent on-the-ground survey. They saw the accident inflicted on Christian churches and monasteries in east Mosul, as able-bodied as in the old burghal on the west ancillary of the Tigris. They additionally visited the armpit of what had been the angled minaret of the al-Nuri mosque, an important attribute of Mosul absolute up by the agitator accumulation as the Iraqi army bankrupt in on the area.

Though ISIS was apprenticed out in July 2017, its attendance is still apparent beyond the city. Dr. Danti describes the abolition as article affiliated to the hardest-hit areas in Europe in the mid-1940s, with bits abundance and unexploded accessories on block afterwards block. “This is the affliction cultural ancestry crisis aback the Additional Apple War,” he said. “We’re activity to be ambidextrous with this for decades.”

This activity is an important start, Dr. Danti added. “It’s a actual complicated breadth of cultural heritage. We attending at this aboriginal three-year aeon as triage. It’s activity to booty a continued time. When you aback up and attending at what happened, the accomplished of Mosul had been flattened.”

With the advice of Ali Jubbouri, above administrator of the University of Mosul’s College of Archaeology, and the abetment of architects and engineers in Mosul’s College of Engineering, Dr. Zettler and colleagues will activate assessing the action of 15 to 20 sites. They’ll undertake any actual aliment bare and then, at the end of six months, accomplish recommendations to the US government for feasible, longer-term projects.

Part of the acknowledgment will appear from ascribe from Dr. Zettler’s colleagues at Penn, such as historian Paul Cobb, who focuses on medieval history; Joseph Lowry, an able on Islamic law and literature; and historian Heather Sharkey, who concentrates on boyhood religious communities in the Middle East.

Wolf Humanities’ Alarm for Applications on Kinship, 2019–2020: March 20January 8, 2019vol 65 affair 18Newsprint

Penn Adroitness Fellowships

The Wolf Abstract Center offers fellowships anniversary year to continuing adroitness at Penn in the abstract and affiliated departments. The fellowships are for analysis that relates to the Center’s affair for the year in which the accolade is granted. Applications are actuality accustomed for analysis on the affair of Kinship, the Center’s affair for 2019-2020.

Junior advisers accept a $5,000 analysis armamentarium allowance (paid in two installments).

Senior advisers are arrive to administer for either a $5,000 analysis armamentarium allowance or one, possibly two, advance reliefs. The Wolf Abstract Center provides advance backup money for up to two courses, to be paid to the fellow’s administration at Penn’s LPS adviser amount and to be acclimated alone for advance replacement. Beforehand accounting approval of any advance abatement appeal is appropriate from the applicant’s administration chair. Advisers who accept already had one division of advance abatement amid Fall 2016 and Bounce 2019 may alone administer for a $5,000 analysis armamentarium stipend.

Fellows are appropriate to appear the Center’s account Mellon Analysis Seminars (Tuesdays, noon-1:50 p.m.) and present their analysis at one of the sessions during the year. In accession to Penn faculty, academy associates accommodate Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows, bounded faculty, the Center’s administrator and affair director, and others.

NOTE: Absorbed applicants are brash to analysis able-bodied advanced with their department/s to abstain conflicts in scheduling classes and added obligations.

To apply: go to http://wolfhumanities.upenn.edu/forms/penn-faculty-fellowship-application and submit the afterward advice as a distinct PDF, and name it: your Last name_First Name.pdf (Franklin_Ben.pdf). Amuse include:

Your name, title, and departmentProject TitleProject Abstract (125 words maximum)Project Angle (approx. 1000 words)Up-to-date c.v.

If you are applying for advance relief, ask your administration armchair to email Sara Varney, the Center’s accessory director by March 20, 2019 with their accounting approval of your appliance and advance abatement request.

Questions: Amuse email or alarm Sara Varney at (215) 746-5940, [email protected]

Penn Alum Apprentice Analysis Fellowships

The Wolf Abstract Center is currently alms two one-year analysis fellowships at $2,500 anniversary to Penn alum acceptance in the abstract who are ABD. Acceptance should be administering argument analysis accompanying to the Center’s affair for the year in which the accolade is granted. Advisers are appropriate to appear the Center’s Mellon Analysis Seminar, held Tuesdays noon-1:50 p.m. during the bookish year, and present their assignment at one of the sessions. Academy associates additionally accommodate postdoctoral fellows, adroitness from Penn and bounded universities, and the Center’s administrator and affair director.

NOTE: Absorbed applicants are brash to analysis able-bodied advanced with their department/s to abstain conflicts in scheduling classes and added obligations.

Two $2,500 fellowships are accessible for Penn ABD alum acceptance in the abstract whose argument analysis relates to Kinship, the Center’s affair for 2019-2020. To apply, amuse accommodate the afterward information:

Your name and departmentProject TitleProject Abstract (125 words maximum)Project Angle (approx. 1000 words)Up-to-date c.v.

Please abide all advice to their secure online server as a distinct PDF, allotment your book (e.g., Franklin_Ben.pdf)

Also required: One arcane letter of advocacy from your argument adviser or alum chair. Amuse ask your adjudicator to upload their letter to the Center’s defended server no after than the appliance deadline.

Graduate Analysis Assistantship

The Wolf Abstract Center announces a Alum Analysis Assistantship for the 2019-2020 bookish year for a University of Pennsylvania dissertation-level (ABD) apprentice in the abstract whose assignment pertains to Kinship.

The RAship provides abounding abutment for the 2019-2020 bookish year (tuition additional a allowance of approx. $25,500), and carries associates in the Center’s Mellon Analysis Academy on Kinship. Applicants may not be captivation added positions and charge be in acceptable bookish and banking continuing with the Alum Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The RAship is awarded competitively. Semifinalists are interviewed on campus in March/April as allotment of the alternative process.

The half-time position requires 15–20 hours per anniversary of account in a array of functions:

Assist the authoritative agents of the Wolf Abstract Center and the Price Lab for Digital Abstract in accustomed out accepted business. Requires some evenings and, rarely, weekends to advice agents events.Staff and participate in the Center’s account Mellon Analysis Academy and the bi-weekly Price Lab Mellon DH Seminar.Serve as the advance organizer of a one-day appointment or appointment accompanying to the affair of Kinship.

To Apply: Complete the afterward advice and upload to their secure server as a distinct PDF:

Cover letter cogent absorption in the RAship.Project title, 125-word (max.) abstract.Project angle (500 words) anecdotic the analysis to be agitated out during the advance of the year and its affiliation to the Wolf Abstract Center’s 2018-2019 theme, Kinship.Curriculum vitae and browse of actionable Penn advance transcript.

Also appropriate is one arcane letter of advocacy from either your argument administrator or your alum chair. Amuse ask your adjudicator to upload that letter to the Center’s defended server no after than March 20, 2019. Letters should not be emailed.

Penn Undergraduate Analysis Fellowships

The Wolf Abstract Center offers fellowships anniversary year to Penn undergraduate acceptance from any academy who are absorbed in administering extracurricular analysis in the abstract on some aspect of the Center’s anniversary theme. Acceptance charge be abounding time, on campus for the abounding bookish year of the accolade and in acceptable bookish standing.

Fellows become associates of the Wolf Undergraduate Abstract Forum, a association of undergraduates who accommodated annual to altercate and present their research, accompany assorted cultural activities of accepted interest, and occasionally accommodated in appropriate receptions with the Center’s acclaimed speakers. The year’s affairs culminates in a bounce appointment at which acceptance accord bookish presentations on the after-effects of their research.

The Wolf Abstract Center is alms 12 fellowships for the 2019-2020 bookish year for Penn undergraduates from any academy who are absorbed in administering analysis on some aspect of Kinship.

Applicants charge be abounding time and in acceptable bookish standing. Awards are accessible in three categories:

Research Acquaintance and Undergraduate Armchair (one $2,000 award)

Research Acquaintance and Member, Executive Board (two $1,750 awards)

Research Fellowships (up to nine $1,500 awards)

To Apply: What’s needed? Your completed application form, actionable archetype and one letter of advocacy from your undergraduate armchair or a adroitness affiliate in your major. Amuse agenda that the appliance anatomy asks applicants to argue with and analyze a adroitness adviser who will assignment with them on their proposed analysis during the acquaintance year.

Please upload your appliance form and an actionable archetype of your archetype as a distinct PDF the defended server no after than March 20, 2019. Amuse name your file: LastName_FirstName.pdf.

Please ask your adjudicator to upload their confidential letter of recommendation to the Center’s defended server no after than than March 20, 2019. Letters should not be emailed.

2019 [email protected] InternshipsJanuary 8, 2019vol 65 affair 18Newsprint

Summer 2019 will be the 11th summer of this avant-garde activity at Penn. The affairs is brash to abutment artistic Penn undergraduates accomplishing art in the branch of practice. [email protected] internships and programs are accessible to all acceptance in all four undergraduate schools.

This summer’s award-winning will be $4,000. The firm borderline for applications is 11:59 p.m. on January 21, 2019.

This year, [email protected] is sponsoring 24 paid internships. The account of these internships is below. For added advice about RealArts: http://writing.upenn.edu/realarts/

Internships for Summer 2019

Journalism, Publications & Print

Downtown Bookworks Inc. (NYC)Flathead Beacon (Montana)Library of Congress (Washington DC)Philadelphia Media Network (Philadelphia)Philadelphia Magazine (Philadelphia)Pitchfork Media (NYC)McSweeney’s & the Believer (San Francisco)Small Press Distribution (San Francisco)


The Concord Museum (Concord, MA)Morgan Library and Museum (NYC)The Museum of Moving Images (Astoria, NY)


Shore Fire Media (NYC)

Television & Film

Artists First (LA)Artists First (NYC)Brooklyn Films (LA)David Stern and Stuart Gibbs, Writers (LA)Doug Robinson Productions (LA)Genre Films (LA)Grandview (LA)Management 360 (LA)Monami Productions (LA)Tremolo Productions (LA)Viacom Catalyst: Artistic Strategy (NYC)


1812 Productions (Philadelphia)

accessible to admission seniors only

accessible to juniors and seniors only