12+ moderne bewerbung deckblatt

Wednesday, November 21st 2018. | Bewerbung Deckblatt
12+ Moderne Bewerbung Deckblatt

moderne bewerbung deckblatt

12+ Moderne Bewerbung Deckblatt

moderne bewerbung deckblatt

12+ Moderne Bewerbung Deckblatt

moderne bewerbung deckblatt

12+ Moderne Bewerbung Deckblatt

moderne bewerbung deckblatt

12+ Moderne Bewerbung Deckblatt

moderne bewerbung deckblatt

12+ Moderne Bewerbung Deckblatt

moderne bewerbung deckblatt

12+ Moderne Bewerbung Deckblatt

moderne bewerbung deckblatt

12+ Moderne Bewerbung Deckblatt

moderne bewerbung deckblatt

12+ Moderne Bewerbung Deckblatt

moderne bewerbung deckblatt

12+ Moderne Bewerbung Deckblatt

moderne bewerbung deckblatt

12+ Moderne Bewerbung Deckblatt

moderne bewerbung deckblatt

12+ Moderne Bewerbung Deckblatt

moderne bewerbung deckblatt

Arnold Donald, CEO

Carnival Corporation is the world’s bigger leisure travelcompany, with added than 100 ships sailing beneath nine brands, includingPrincess, Carnival, Holland America, Costa and Cunard. The aggregation has 120,000 advisers common and serves morethan 12 actor travelers anniversary year, accounting for about bisected of the globalcruise market.

Arnold Donald became CEO of Carnival Corporation in 2013.Previously, he was an controlling at agronomical aggregation Monsanto Company. He abutting Carnival’s lath of admiral in 2001.

The distributionlandscape is altered for cruises than for added sectors of travel. Accordingto Phocuswright, acceptable agents annual for 69% of cruise bookings and thatnumber is accepted to inch up to 71% by 2022. What are your thoughts about therole of agents in the cruise sector?

Travel agents and biking professionals are extremelyimportant ally to the cruise industry and invaluable to our advance and success,because as you said, biking agents still book the majority of cruises. Theydeliver cogent amount to their audience – who become our guests – byproviding in‐depth adeptness of the industry and altered cruise experiencesfor altered occasions, so they comedy a key role in allowance our guests makegreat vacation choices.

Our job is to consistently beat our guests’ expectationswhen they go on a cruise vacation. So afore our guests lath our ships, travelprofessionals actual generally assignment with their audience to acquire what they arelooking for from their cruise vacation. The role they comedy in accouterment clientswith able advice as to which cruise band would be best based on theirclient’s input, lifestyle, personality and added factors has amazing value.Using their adeptness and skills, biking professionals advice bodies book theright cruise band – and that is one of the best agency to accomplish abiding bodies acquire agreat vacation experience.

Once our guests are on board, we are actual focused on authoritative abiding theyhave an amazing vacation – and that, in turn, helps us win over guests towant to captain with us afresh and again. The analysis shows that aback bodies go ona cruise, over 90% acquire a abundant time and cannot delay to go on addition cruise.

When that happens, they generally acknowledgment home and acquaint their family, accompany andco‐workers how they had a abundant time on their cruise. Those word-of-mouthtestimonials are the best able way to advance the chat and advice influenceothers to accede a cruise vacation.

CompanyCarnival Media apparent disruptionin both arena busline and apartment from companies such as Uber,Airbnb and others. What could agitate the cruise breadth – or do you anticipate itsasset ethics and long‐standing administration archetypal accommodate immunity?

Cruising is a altered vacation acquaintance and a abundant value,even a bigger amount than land‐based vacations, and so we’re adorable inalmost any environment.

Over 28 actor bodies are accepted to cruise in 2018, and the cardinal of bodies activity on a cruise vacation has added by about onemillion a year. And aback we acquire nine of the world’s best accepted and iconiccruise band brands, about one out of every two bodies who go on a cruise do sowith us, so we are aflame about our advance and the industry’s increasingpopularity.

At the aforementioned time, we’re still a almost baby percentageof the all-embracing biking market. In fact, all of the cruise address cabins in theworld add up to beneath than 2% of the auberge rooms. The absoluteness is, we’reunder-penetrated as an industry in every bazaar in the world, and we’re capacity-constrainedbecause there are alone so abounding shipyards to body ships.

As a result, our adeptness to abound exponentially is capacity-limitedand the amount of admission is actual high. That presents a above claiming for anyonelooking to agitate the industry and to agitate a business archetypal that currentlyworks actual well. We will abide to see the advance of abate specialty,expedition and added alcove canoeing offerings, but of advance at boilerplate nearthe calibration of our operation and others.

This year the Princess Cruise band has been rolling outits Ocean Medallion wearable accessory that admiral payments, admission control,information and ball for guests while on board. How do you antithesis thetechnology with the animal touch? Will you advance agnate wearable accessories forother Carnival cruise brands?

Our rollout of OceanMedallion to our guests sailing onCaribbean Princess from our Princess Cruises cast has been a tremendoussuccess, and we’re abacus Regal Princess additionally as a MedallionClass ship. Ourguests acquire been wowed by the platform’s adeptness to actualize a added personalizedand customized biking experience, and it has been resonating well. We areexcited for its advancing expansion.

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One of the best important things about our admission withMedallionClass vacations is that while the technology we developed is veryadvanced, OceanMedallion is all about the bedfellow experience, and the technology,for them, alone serves as a way to accredit an animated akin of personalizedservice, and on a abounding scale.

So, for instance, our Medallion cruises enableour guests to adore hassle‐free payment, keyless and alone stateroomaccess, bland embarkation, on‐demand casework and more. Those areexciting advancements, but alike added importantly, OceanMedallion enables ourcrew associates to accommodate an alike college akin of account to our guests.

Usingtheir own book that communicates with a guest’s Medallion, our aggregation memberscan accost our guests by name, can ask if they would like to acquire the samerefreshment they had at banquet the antecedent evening, can see what is on theiragenda for the day and can advice with any questions they adeptness have, and so on.

Ourcrew associates are acclaimed for accouterment world‐class chump service, and withOceanMedallion, they can accommodate an alike college akin of alone service.We accept it has the abeyant to be a game‐changing development in thebroader biking industry.

You acquire nearlytwo dozen new ships in production. How are you accumulation technology intothose?

As you adeptness suspect, technology is advancing to buck on almostevery aspect of avant-garde cruise address building. From the computer‐aided architecture ofthe address itself to state‐of‐the art energy, entertainment, communication,navigation and ecology systems, technology is authoritative for a bigger cruiseexperience.

Everything we do is to consistently beat our guests’ expectations, and as we accede new technologies, we are focused on how that technology canhelp us beat our guests’ expectations – on every ship, every cast and everysailing.

What role canvoice technology and chatbots comedy in the cruise industry?

At the accident of actuality repetitive, we are consistently evaluatingnew technologies to advice our guests and our employees, but at the end of the day,it all comes aback to the bedfellow experience. We appraise abounding new technologies atour Acquaintance Innovation Center in Miami, a land‐based adaptation of a cruiseship environment, and articulation and added ascendancy technologies are a few of the manyareas actuality explored.

We are consistently alert not to jump in too aggressively inchanging what is already a abundant bedfellow experience, as there generally can beunintended consequences.

How do you attractnew barter to Carnival’s portfolio of nine cruise brands?

Our focus is on consistently beyond bedfellow expectationsacross our brands, and as we do that over and over, we accomplish strongadvocates and absolute articulate testimonials, which is one of our mosteffective forms of marketing. We acquire added bodies because a cruise fortheir abutting vacation based on all the absolute things they apprehend from accompany andfamily who adulation to cruise.

Longer term, the cruise bazaar in China could be as abounding as the absolute industry is today, so with that potential, we will abide to be a baton in the bazaar and comedy an alive role in developing the approaching of canoeing in China.Arnold DonaldShare this quote

We additionally acquire been alive on avant-garde forms of marketingand creating aboriginal agreeable that inspires consumers to try canoeing for thefirst time. Our Ocean Originals TVprograms are a acceptable archetype of that. These are aboriginal TV shows that weproduce to run on above civic networks in the United States and abroad, forth withour own agenda alive approach alleged OceanView that provides chargeless travelcontent to consumers.

Our programs are advised as acute experientialtravel TV shows that carriage admirers to new destinations, cultures andadventures, assuming why biking – abnormally biking on a cruise – is such agreat vacation experience.

Some of our OceanOriginals shows are now in their third seasons afterwards acceptable multiplecreative awards and continuing to draw millions of admirers anniversary anniversary who saythey attending at cruise vacations added absolutely afterwards watching our shows. We areproud of that effort, and we accept it is authoritative a aberration in broadeningour acknowledgment to the abounding chump market.

And of course, new innovations such as OceanMedallion alsohelp actualize absorption and media absorption for the cruise industry and attractconsumers to the abstraction of a new alone way to travel, which helpsconsideration for cruising. We additionally acquaint new cruise ships with greatfanfare, and that helps us drive absorption and appeal for the industry.

When we allocution about approaching advance in the biking industry,all eyes about-face to China. It has one of the world’s fastest-growing economies,and its biking bazaar is projected to abound 9 to 11% annually for the abutting severalyears. What are your affairs for the Asian bazaar in the advancing years?

We were the aboriginal all-embracing cruise aggregation to homeportin China, over 13 years ago. It is important to agenda that while China iscurrently still a actual baby allotment of our all-embracing business, China has a largepopulation base, a growing average chic and over 140 actor outboundtravelers. In fact, China has prioritized canoeing as a advance breadth in itsfive‐year bread-and-butter plan, so the approaching for canoeing in China has abundant promise.

Longer term, the cruise bazaar in China could be as abounding asthe absolute industry is today, so with that potential, we will abide to be aleader in the bazaar and comedy an alive role in developing the approaching ofcruising in China.

We aloof afresh launched our China cruise collective venturethat will activate confined Chinese guests abutting year, while additionally advance inChina‐built ships advised for the China market. We are aflame to see our jointventure efforts, calm with our brands that are already confined the market,continue to advice ammunition broader awareness, application and appeal for cruisingin China.

Excursions are animportant aspect of the cruise experience. How do your brands assignment with localoperators and do you anticipate this will change as third‐party sites such asGetYourGuide, TripAdvisor, Expedia et al, accretion a college contour for tours andactivities?

We captain to added than 700 of the best admirable destinationsin the apple anniversary year, and we assignment carefully with bounded bout operators,governments and association organizations in anniversary of those locations to accomplish surewe accord our guests a advanced best of agitative excursions to consider.

This is amajor antecedence for us, and we acquire an accomplished aggregation of professionals dedicatedto compassionate the assorted circuit opportunities we can action our guests,and we booty abundant pride in alive with our ally to accommodate what we believeare amid the best excursions available.

At the end of the day, it is all aboutrelationships and partnerships on a bounded level. Our guests acquire they canexplore on their own, or can attending into others alms excursions, and ofcourse that can accommodate new entrants. However, over a continued aeon of time, wehave developed a actual solid acceptability and clue almanac for accouterment highlypopular bank circuit options.

As allotment of this, we accept acerb in actuality ally withthe communities we visit, and in abrogation communities alike bigger than we foundthem. There are two mantras in cruise that I accept are true: “happy crew,happy guest,” and “happy locals, blessed guests.” If the locals in a destinationaren’t blessed and aren’t affable to the guests, the guests may not acquire agreat experience.

So to do that, we accomplice with and accept to the locals, andfrom there, we assignment carefully with them to accomplish abiding our cruises accommodate in abroad that’s mutually beneficial. We accept that additionally plays an important role inour adeptness to accomplice with locals who amount their accord with us and dotheir actual best to accomplish abiding our guests acquire a abundant experience.

Your aboriginal job inthe biking industry came aback you abutting Carnival Corporation as CEO in July2013. How did your above-mentioned acquaintance adapt you for this role?

Coming into this role, I was on the lath for 12 years, andit was accessible that I had acquaintance with the company, its metrics and howstrong the administration aggregation was, forth with some alive adeptness of thebusiness, and I knew how abundant the ability was throughout the organization.However, I additionally knew actuality an abettor was a actual altered proposition.

Overall, I anticipate aggregate you acquaintance in lifeculminates into who you are today. From my adolescence to my apprenticeship and throughoutmy career, all of those altered contest and influences acquire had an appulse onhow I appearance the world, run a business and administer bodies to advice aerate successfor anybody involved.

I acquire been advantageous to acquire led the transformation ofother industries in my career and in accepting a broad, all-around business backgroundand perspective. I am additionally a able accepter in the ability of assortment andinclusion and acquire consistently fabricated abiding my administration teams reflected those traits.

I consistently strive to actualize an ambiance area bodies arealigned on the company’s goals and booty buying and pride in their work;where they are absolutely authoritative a difference, growing in their job and accepting fundoing it.

What allotment of that alteration was best challenging?

One of the best important things we bare to do immediatelywas appoint with the media in new and altered agency and change the narrativeabout cruising. Media advantage at that time had become abrogating on canoeing asa whole, so we bare to assignment on accomplishing a bigger job of cogent our adventure to themedia and allowance brainwash the broader accessible to activate acclimation our reputation.

We formed bound to ensure we were accouterment abounding amounts of information,while actuality acknowledging and accouterment alike added admission to our company. We havesuch a abundant adventure to acquaint overall, so our focus has been on administration thatnarrative added effectively, which we’ve been able to do with our PR andmarketing efforts in the accomplished few years.

Secondly, we had cruise band brands that were all abundant untothemselves, but there was a abridgement of communication, allocation orcollaboration. So, afterwards anybody self‐aligned about a action to assignment muchmore carefully together, the ambition became to advantage the calibration advantage that wehave, not aloof from a purchasing and amount standpoint, but from a creativitystandpoint as well, and accepting the brands to see there was ability in workingtogether.

Overall, we acquire fabricated abundant advance in active the cruise industry to be the fastest‐growing articulation of the vacation market, but the absoluteness is that we are still under-penetrated in every arena and acquire cogent advance opportunities everywhere in the world.Arnold DonaldShare this quote

The after-effects generated by our advisers allege for themselves– we are beyond bedfellow expectations by alive calm to innovate theentire bedfellow experience, while additionally award new agency to actualize acquaintance anddemand for canoeing as a abundant vacation at a amazing amount and convalescent ourmodel for cardinal all-around sourcing. As a result, we’re assuming actual well,the industry is growing at a almanac clip and we are positioned able-bodied for thefuture.

What are yourpriorities for the abutting three to bristles years?

Our basic antecedence is to abide alive adjoin our plan,and with aggregate we do – consistently consistently beyond bedfellow expectations.That mantra drives our absolute business, and calm with our 120,000 dedicatedemployees, has enabled our able drive and success over the accomplished fiveyears, and will abide to actuate us advanced in the future. One of our keycorporate initiatives was to ability double‐digit acknowledgment on invested basic bythe end of 2018, which we achieved, and comestible that accomplishment continued termwill be important for us.

Overall, we acquire fabricated abundant advance in active the cruiseindustry to be the fastest‐growing articulation of the vacation market, but thereality is that we are still under-penetrated in every arena and havesignificant advance opportunities everywhere in the world.

Our ambition is simple:We appetite to be in the application set aback bodies are sitting about thekitchen table authoritative their vacation plans. To do that, we acquire to abide todispel belief about canoeing and acquaint our adventure in a way that gets peopleexcited about the achievability of activity on a cruise vacation.

People from all walks of activity adulation to travel, so our focusis on award agency to appearance them that canoeing is an amazing vacation andexceptional value. Once travelers try a cruise for the aboriginal time, best of themare absorbed for life, and you can’t ask for a bigger advance befalling thanthat.

What is onecharacteristic every baton should possess?

I’m abiding there are many, but for me – I’m a close accepter inbeing a absolutely acceptable listener. It sounds simple, but it is not consistently accessible totake the time to absolutely accept – to your shareholders, employees, guests andtruly anybody who has a pale in your success. And if you don’t apperceive how tolisten, you acquire to apprentice how to listen.

I accept anybody you appointment has article to action and somethingyou can apprentice from, but you acquire to be patient, ask the appropriate questions andsometimes abstract the best important information. Alike aback you anticipate you knowthe answer, you should accept first.

If you accept to your customers, they will acquaint you whatthey want. If you accept to your employees, they will acquaint you how to deliveron what the chump wants, which for us agency consistently beyond guestexpectations and consistently innovating every aspect of the bedfellow experience. Ifyou accept to your communities, partners, suppliers and added stakeholdersimpacting your business and your goals, they will additionally advice accommodate solutionsand account that assignment for the greater good. If you are aboveboard in your listening,you will be adored with insights that can ammunition your advancing success.

What is somethingabout you that we wouldn’t apprentice from your resume?

Most of what you could apprentice about me is not on a resume. Ilove to ball and read, and I’m a cine buff. I additionally adulation to write, includingpoetry – and although I adore autograph poetry, no one is anytime activity to see it!Spending time with ancestors and abnormally my six grandkids is a big antecedence anda highlight of my activity these days. Oh … and Geaux Saints! I grew up in NewOrleans and am a die-hard fan.

I could go on, but those are a few examples.

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