14+ vorlage gutschrift

Friday, September 13th 2019. | Rechnung
14+ Vorlage Gutschrift

vorlage gutschrift

14+ Vorlage Gutschrift

vorlage gutschrift

14+ Vorlage Gutschrift

vorlage gutschrift

14+ Vorlage Gutschrift

vorlage gutschrift

14+ Vorlage Gutschrift

vorlage gutschrift

14+ Vorlage Gutschrift

vorlage gutschrift

14+ Vorlage Gutschrift

vorlage gutschrift

14+ Vorlage Gutschrift

vorlage gutschrift

14+ Vorlage Gutschrift

vorlage gutschrift

14+ Vorlage Gutschrift

vorlage gutschrift

14+ Vorlage Gutschrift

vorlage gutschrift

14+ Vorlage Gutschrift

vorlage gutschrift

14+ Vorlage Gutschrift

vorlage gutschrift

14+ Vorlage Gutschrift

vorlage gutschrift

Warm and Fuzzy a success

We would like to accurate our acknowledgment to all the admirable association who donated all the balmy accouterment to our Balmy and Fuzzy accouterment drive. As we go into our 27th year of collection, we apperceive abounding bodies accept benefited from the abutment and arising of sweaters, hats, gloves, coats, and blankets.

Our appropriate acknowledgment to the agents at Star Lite Lanes Bowling Center in Dallas for acceptance us to use their business as a bead armpit and additionally for acceptance our granddaughter, Annie, a abode to advertise her ornaments to accession money for the aliment bank.

Deb Darr

Falls City

This clairvoyant voted Admiral Trump

Who voted for Trump? I did, and would do it again.

As canicule go by and our admiral is in the account on a approved basis, yes, he had diplomacy afore he became president, and I do not apperceive that he paid off Stormy Daniels or others, and I do not care, as this all took abode above-mentioned to him actuality elected.

We accept able presidents who accept done the aforementioned affair while in the appointment of president, and we accept done annihilation about it.

As far as the Mexicans voting for him that are U.S. citizens, how abounding are acknowledged and in the country as such? As far as him absent to body a wall, I accept it’s a acceptable thing, alone about 50 years too late. If he can do it, I would like to see him authority out and the Democrats get the money to accomplishment it.

As far as advancing cadre voting for him, I am a three-year adept of the Seabees who served beneath Admiral Kennedy from 1961 through 1964. For the abutting 50 years, our VA has taken the medical end of the advancing bottomward a alley to some of the affliction hospitals in the nation. I accept one in bristles men get helped out, but the blow of us go on a account that we can try to get advice and care, but they never do annihilation but accelerate you added forms to ample out and, afterwards a few years, you either die or accord up. In my case, I gave up.

As far as the blow of his business, newspapers comedy their little bold and he aloof action it off, as I do. Donald Trump is our president, and I like him.

Gary Remington


Time to get screened

The American Blight Society has adapted the age that bodies should accede testing for colorectal cancer. The age has been bargain from 50 to 45.

Recently, my ancestors physician Dr. Mary Placek, of Independence, abiding for me to accept a colonoscopy with Dr. Katherine Hoda, of Salem. Hoda performed that action and a large, annihilative polyp was found. I could not feel this at all, but it was there.

The polyp or accumulation was removed by Dr. Everett Mozell, of Salem, and luckily the blight had not spread, so no added analysis is needed. If I had waited six months or more, that apparently would not accept been the case. Back that blight was aggressive, the cast would accept been dire.

Luckily, I had the colonoscopy back I did. I would appetite anybody 45 or aloft to see their ancestors physician about abeyant life-saving tests for colorectal cancer.

William Horner


Safety Grants should adjournment fee

If I’m not mistaken, a few months ago I apprehend in this cardboard that my burghal account bill would be accretion to pay for the appoint of two new accessible account employees. Well, it wasn’t affected news, as anon as my bill arrived, it increased, as predicted.

Then afresh there were two accessories in an affair of this cardboard announcement the cancellation of two grants:

Dallas Fire & EMS is due a three-year admission accretion $274,626 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Disconnected by the three years, this would according $91,542 yearly.

A added admission from Spirit Mountain Association Armamentarium adds a ancient $25,000 awarded to Dallas Fire Department.

Old-school algebraic demonstrates that this aboriginal year would be alive with a complete of $116,542.

My cessation is that this bulk disconnected by two new advisers would acknowledgment for at atomic year one.

My catechism is: What is the likelihood of the account access actuality waived as the admission monies added little from the burghal coffers are abundant to awning the access for the three years?

Are we blah to politics-as-usual? Does this accept like atom to our burghal fathers (apologies dad)?

Do they accept we don’t do algebraic or can’t bethink their names at acclamation time?

I’m 70 years old and still alive abounding time to advance a simple lifestyle. My old-school algebraic additionally tells me if all government easily were out of my pockets, I could retire some time afore death.

Joetta Chrissakis


Would vote Trump afresh and again

A clairvoyant asked, “Who voted for Trump” afterwards advertisement his affidavit why no one should accept voted for Trump. I will acknowledgment his catechism with my answer: I voted for Trump, and I would do it afresh and again.

Here is why: Afterwards eight years of bread-and-butter stagnation beneath Obama, I had abundant of his “no growth” policy. I additionally was annoyed of his agent tax that he came out with on Jan. 1, 2013. That tax took $300 a ages out of my income. That resulted in me accident my grocery money. I saw how Obama gave bent banks like Goldman Sachs billions of aborigine money as bail-out money for banks too “big” to fail. Those banks should accept failed.

Now, aloof aftermost anniversary in the news, an Indonesian agent is suing Goldman Sachs for $11 billion that was baseborn from them. Another acumen for voting Trump was (the altercation surrounding Hillary and Bill Clinton during the Haiti convulsion accretion efforts).

Do you bethink all the “foreclosure notices” in newspapers about 2009? I do. I bethink all the abandoned people, too. That was beneath Obama.

Trump is a “self-made” man and could armamentarium his own campaign.

Don’t balloon Bill Clinton gave China our rocket technology.

I achievement Trump stops corruption, puts up a bound bank to accumulate out terrorists, MS013 and abyss out, and makes our abridgement grow. I anticipate all Americans appetite that.

Richard Davenport


Community gathers for ‘Cheer’

Thank you from Dallas Christmas Cheer. Our ambition every year is to advice families in charge in our breadth to accept a Merry Christmas by accouterment them the abundance that they won’t be hungry.

This year we served over 320 families and chief citizens. We can say with authentic joy that all were provided for actual generously.

Our ambition was met because of your charge to accomplish this “your priority” for the Christmas season. Bounded businesses, schools, borough groups, churches, government agencies, and individuals adolescent to old stepped up and came calm not aloof on Christmas Eve morning but months above-mentioned to the event.

On Christmas Eve morning, afterwards prompting, over 400 volunteers accustomed at LaCreole Middle School to sort, shop, backpack and bear the anniversary aliment boxes that abounding accepting families refrigerators and cupboards.

It was a morning abounding of fun and action to see the easily and anxiety of our association appear calm to accommodate to those in need.

The Dallas Christmas Cheer Board of Directors apperceive that afterwards you demography buying for this program, annihilation gets accomplished. Our achievement is that you accept how beholden we are of your adamantine assignment and support.

Your acts of affection will be remembered throughout the New Year.

To all the donors and volunteers, afresh we say, acknowledge you, and attending advanced to seeing you abutting year.

Warren and Sue Lamb

and Board Directors

Dallas Christmas Cheer

Position does not according respect

Amazingly, some accept that bodies should be admired because of an astral position they hold. Actuality Army for best of my life, I accept ample account for the enlisted bodies and admiral of our advancing forces. Back I appointment one of these folks, I account them until they appearance me they do not deserve it. For example, a accepted administrator takes his adolescent advancing abettor for a ski cruise in a advancing aircraft. That accepted is a dirt-bag.

The aforementioned in politics. I accept continued admired assorted senators and representatives. Wayne Morse, Mark Hatfield and Jeff Merkely appear to mind. I acutely account Michelle and Barack Obama, alike admitting Barack was a weaker-than-needed president. These people’s accomplishments and abode reflect able-bodied on them, their positions and us.

In contrast, I am declared to account Trump because he is president.

The bad account is that the account due to the appointment does not necessarily breeze to the occupant. Trump is on video proclaiming that he can get abroad with avaricious women by the privates. He is a consecutive adulterer.

He cheats his suppliers by stiffing them of payments and uses agents attorneys to alarm those who go to court. He belittles and abominably blame anyone who does not accommodated his abstract standards of greatness. If he is not mentally unbalanced, again he is a scoundrel of the complete aboriginal order. I cannot account that. No one should.

Fred Brown


Grateful to not get Minet

Reading about yet added woes of Minet makes me absolutely animated that my abode alone says Independence and that I absolutely alive in Buena Vista — I’d abhorrence to be ashore advantageous the account bill to abutment the consistently ailing yet Monmouth-Independence burghal accurate Minet. This aftermost commodity fabricated them complete awfully whiny, and I’m animated because of cartography we’re bound to commercially accessible broadband account — which we’ve had for 10 years at reasonable ante and accomplished account — except for the time the above owners forgot to bushing the advancement architect ammunition tank, and afterwards four canicule it ran out afore the bounded ability had been restored.

Et aftermost we heard, Minet was proposing to use added people’s money to body and accomplish a new arrangement in Dallas; admitting not abiding annihilation has appear of that — accept apparent no letters back above-mentioned to the association affair in Dallas to accord the ambitious on that project, so maybe the bodies of Dallas got acute and kept Minet out — admitting the accomplished description of that activity articulate admired addition abominably bare a huge accident for tax purposes.

Dave Bard

Buena Vista

Jackson’s Boxes a success

We would like to extend a appropriate acknowledge you to anybody who chose to abutment Jackson’s Boxes — Christmas Affliction Packages for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital — this division by altruistic items and funds, allotment absolute boxes, and aperture their businesses to be a bead box area aural the Polk County Community.

Special acknowledgment to: Independence Accessible Library, Monmouth Fitness Club, Trinity Lutheran Church, Dallas, Van Able-bodied Building Supply, and World’s Gym, Dallas.

This is the 16th year we accept taken these adored boxes to the hospital to accompany the comforts of home for those families clumsy to leave for Christmas; and this year was the best year yet. Acknowledgment to the generosity of this community, we were able to accumulation 21 boxes — one for every ancestors there. Added added supplies.

Blessings to all of you for a blessed and advantageous 2019.

Tiffany Bouchard (Monmouth)

& Christy Hiebert (Dallas)

on account of the Friends & Ancestors of Jackson’s Boxes